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VP Facebook predictions for 2015

15 January 2015

Mobile Engagement

Let us face the truth everything is about numbers. From a simple recipe to web development or design we are in need of numbers, findings and analytics. According to The eMarketer, in Japan, Indonesia and Australia almost every person is doing something on a mobile device among other things that is between tasks and activities. Hence advertisers should focus on such analytics and get real returns on their Facebook campaigns, Facebook is the world’s largest online community of real people enabling advertisers to show more relevant adverts which convert better.

APAC is the Primary Growth Zone

2013 was a monumental year were digital overtook television as the primary way people consume media; users are on their mobile devices while using other devices (multi-screening). The largest mobile phone market in the world is APAC with an estimated 2.6 billion users in 2014 and the number is still growing. In Australia by December 2014 two fifths of 12 million smart phones users where estimated to have completed an online transaction (ACMA). Statistics from web development and web design, when it comes to Facebooking, also depict that more and more of web general users spend most of their time online Facebooking or Youtubing.

An increase in video consumption was also recorded in 2014. Most of these videos are being watched and shared on Facebook. Macdonald’s Australia had an effective Facebook video campaign during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.macdonald's FIFA video campaign

All these are indicators that there is gold in Facebook advertising. It is statistics like these that one needs for their next SEO campaign or web design proposal.