The need for focused Organic Search Engine Optimisation-SEO

eye tracking and seo

Research using an increasingly popular technique called “Eye Tracking” gives us an interesting yet slightly scary insight into users search behaviour.

Eye Tracking is used to generate a heat map of where and how long a site user or viewer focuses on a specific piece of information. They found that users conducting a simple Google search predominately looked at the top 5 listings, and all other results below these were considered beneath the page fold, or put simply of much less relevance. Increasing the likelihood of this information being ignored.

This further points to the evidence for the requirement of focused or targeted Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, whether it be organic SEO or Google Adwords. Simply being on the first page of a Google search result is no longer enough, you have to make sure your SEO is good enough to drag you above the page fold and into the relevant areas or zones of that magic sweet / heat spot.