How to Create Festive Images for all of your Social Media Accounts

23 December 2015

Christmas is almost upon us. You’ve been having a hard time organising  Christmas dinner, buying presents, and entertaining your visiting relatives. You’ve forgotten something. Sending out festive cards perhaps to friends and family members you won’t be seeing this holiday season? Let’s look at a quickfire fix for your last-minute dilemma. The tool we’ll be using today is…



Canva is an excellent online tool for designing a huge variety of materials –  from flyers, posters, social media headers, to adverts. There is a good amount of free elements to choose from to suit any of your projects, with paid-for elements costing $1 each. The main draw for Canva is its ease of use, with users that possess little-to-no design experience being able to put together high-quality graphical content.

With each popular holiday or special event (for example: Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Eve ), they release a good amount of free elements in order to easily create themed content. Let’s jump in and design our first Christmas content.


1) In the templates section, I select the “Social Media” template. The dimensions are 800px by 800px, designed to display well across all social media channels.

Project Selection

Select the type of project you want to design

2) From the left-hand menu under “Layouts”, preset templates are available to choose from. We’ll use the first Christmas template in this example. Click once.

Template Selection

Select your template. There are many free templates you can use as a base, and edit to your own needs.

3) From here we can manipulate any element, or add our own. First, let’s update the year on this old card, and edit the name at the bottom to reflect our own. These are simple text fields – select each individual field and you’ll be able to easily edit them.

4) We want to include our own company logo, so in the menu, please select “Uploads”, then click on “Upload your own images”. The image will be added to the uploads sections, click on it once to add it to your creation.

Uploading Logo

5) The logo is too big, so we need to resize it. Click on the logo once, hold down Ctrl on the keyboard (to preserve the dimension ratio), and use your mouse to resize the logo by clicking on one if its corners and moving it resize. When you’ve found your perfect size, release everything.

6) The spacing isn’t quite right, so I move the text and logo elements up individually. Click on each element once, and use the arrows on your keyboard to drag them a bit higher. You can also use your keyboard arrows.

7) At this stage I’m quite happy with the results, but if you’re looking to add more to it, navigate to the “Elements” section via the menu. There is a “Holidays” folder with a healthy selection of Santa, snowman, candy cane, snowflakes and other festive elements.


We’ve created a festive monster. Let’s remove the extra elements.

8) When you’re satisfied with your design, you can click on the “Share” button at the top to immediately share your creation via Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively you can download the image as a Jpeg, a high-quality PNG, or even a PDF.

As you can see, designing high-quality images doesn’t need to be difficult. Enjoy creating your own holiday content for your social media accounts, and festive greetings from the team at Lilo London!