Highlights to Microsoft’s latest announcements

30 January 2015

Windows 10 rolling out as we speak.

The news headlining last week’s occasion was, needless to say, the coming of Windows 10, this week a preview of which is available. The brand new operating system is Microsoft’s latest drive to separate itself from the sour Windows 7 legacy and, along the way, usher its users toward a future where the OS and its various programs will operate seamlessly across gadgets. Really, Windows 10 runs on displays of several sizes, adjusting itself to fit the form factor.

And we say farewell to IE…

For the very first time in 20 years, Windows will dispatch without Internet Explorer. In its position is going to be a browser now codenamed Project Spartan, which assures attributes just like a Safari-fashion reading manner as well as the means to annotate web pages right on the display. Obviously, in the event Internet Explorer 6’s saga is any indicator, it could be many years before IE finally vanishes.

Will holograms be a part of our future?

By far the most unanticipated statement in the event”s keynote was the launch of HoloLens, a pair of holographic AR goggles that will eventually overlay Windows and its apps everywhere. Windows 10 will dispatch using APIs that can sustain holographic imagery so developers can build apps that turn real life into Minority Report.

84” touchscreen in your office.


Need to run work meetings on a large interactive screen? Not an issue. They did not give a price tag to us, but shortly Microsoft will begin selling its Surface Hub, an 84-inch touchscreen television with support for Skype and Office 365.

Desktop gaming: XBOX 1 on your desktop

The future continues to give new and exciting ways to play around at work for us. Together with the new XBox program for Windows, which offers desktop access to XBox messages, activity feeds as well as other characteristics, the newest time sucking will arrive for gamers, but stops short of empowering game play on the desktop computer. The line between games console and computer gets more blurry with the arrival of Windows 10 on the XBox